Please support my journey with a donation that matches the height of Everest, $29,032.

Lucy set out on this adventure in January 2022 and is currently attempting to become the youngest woman to complete the Explorers Grand Slam by May 2022. To reach her goal, she will need a donation that matches the height of Everest, $29,032. Any amount will help make this dream a reality.

Thank you for your support!


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Your sponsorship will be featured on world-wide news when Lucy breaks the world record: CNN / BBC News / Time Magazine / New York Times / Women’s Health / Outside

Logo Exposured

For the mountain you sponsor, your logo will be showcased all over social media posts and blog posts when that summit is reached.

Featured Gear

Your gear will be featured throughout the journey of the climb you support. Social posts and blog posts going into detail about how this gear has helped the climb thus far.

Experienced Guides

Based on Watson Creative’s work with now world record holder Colin O’Brady, we believe Lucy will track a simliar path to succes and exposure when she completes the Explorers Grand Slam as the youngest woman to do so in history.