Inspiring a Generation to fight for gender equality on and off the mountain

“It’s much easier to be something when you see a path put down by women before you.” – Hilaree Nelson

Through the years of being in the mountains and seeing very few other girls her age, Lucy has developed a passion to help create new ways for more young women to have access, training, and financial support to pursue adventures in the outdoors. Mountaineering is a sport dominated by men – not because girls and women are not capable of achieving the same goals and dreams – there just hasn’t been a clear pathway. Lucy has experienced the hardships of this reality and she is dedicated to breaking down the barriers of entry into the big mountain realm for young women to help close the gender gap one mountain at a time.

In 2022, Lucy received a Billie Jean King Foundation Youth Leadership Award as seed money to begin an annual scholarship through AWE Summit Scholarship Foundation awarding young women, ages 14-19, a multi-day trip to learn mountaineering skills and summit a high-altitude mountain. This skills academy and climb will provide teenage girls with little or no prior experience the opportunity to gain the skills needed for mountaineering from an all-women led team, including Lucy herself.

Inspiring a Generation to fight for Safe Water for All People

Safe drinking water is not a privilege.
It is a basic human right essential for survival, yet millions of people live without it.

In 2017 when Lucy traveled to Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, she also traveled to a rural village in Uganda to install a WaterStep M-100 chlorine generator in a community without access to safe drinking water. The village’s only water source was a contaminated river miles away. Witnessing first-hand the impact a simple water system had on an entire village changed Lucy’s life forever. At the age of 13, Lucy dedicated her life’s work to helping solve our world’s water crisis.

Lucy has carried a WaterStep ‘Save Lives with Safe Water’ flag to the top of each of the five Seven Summits she has completed. She now also carries her own brand LucyClimbs ‘SafeWaterforAll’ flag to the tops of mountains to inspire others to join the fight.

Every 2 minutes a child dies from a water-related disease. With the added pressure of climate change, this statistic will worsen unless our generation comes together with a passion and dedication to solve this pressing health emergency.